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Enjoy Date Night with DJ Every Saturday in Hialeah Park Casino at Adina Healthy Village Restaurant

Free entrance, without any reservation!

On Saturday, get a chance to have our special

$7 Meatballs, enjoy our fabulous $5 Margaritas and Sangrias.

Free parking, great views and

large outdoor seating!


2200 E 4th Ave, Hialeah,

FL 33013

For details please call 305-394-5154

When you plan to visit Adina Healthy Village in Hialeah Park Casino, make sure to check out the brilliant and magnificent waterfowl such as flamingos. Each day, approximately hundreds of beautiful birds fly in the surroundings of this amazing facility before they return to the infield lake.

Romantic nights are considered to be extremely important regardless of how long you have stayed together with your better half. No matter if you have been together with your loved one for a few weeks, months, years, or even decades, enjoying some time one on one with your significant other will take you back to the time when you had a date with them for the first time. Isn't it amazing?

If you think it has been quite a while since you and your better half have had that special one-on-one moment, there can't be an any better opportunity than this to take them to dinner and dance and relish some quality time with them.

Unquestionably, Hialeah Park Casino is the favorite place for such special and significant occasions. However, from the time Adina Healthy Village restaurant was established and opened last year, things have changed remarkably. It now offers a more entertaining environment by making indoor and outdoor seating more spacious and relaxing. That little sense of seclusion makes you have a feeling of that tropical oasis in paradise.

Visit Adina Healthy Village in Hialeah Park Casino today if you really want to enjoy a fantastic date night and want your dinner to feel less like routine. Simply consider it as your default date restaurant in Hialeah. You can just use it whenever you want to have a fun experience with outdoor or indoor spaces and relish quality time with DJ music, cocktails, and bright lighting.


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